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Tony Buechler, Frank Buechler, and Adam Buechler started Tony’s Auto Repair in Hollywood CA in a quad-plex with three other shops; a body shop, an auto upholstery shop and a pin stripe shop owned by a man named Von Dutch. Tony’s Auto Repair was frequented by celebrities including Michael Landon, Paul Newman, and James Dean. They often helped out on celebrity race days with pit crew duties.


After six years renting space in Hollywood CA, Tony, Adam, and Frank decided to purchase the vacant lot at 9720 Atlantic Ave in South Gate and began drafting plans for their own German car repair shop. They poured the concrete, stacked the bricks, and completed most of the construction on the shop themselves with the help of friends and family members.


Josef Buechler ( Current Owner) was born on March 31st 1964 in Saratoga Springs, NY.

The Grand Opening of the new Tony’s Auto Repair at 9720 Atlantic Ave South Gate, CA. 90280.


The adjacent property at 9716 Atlantic was purchased. The property had 2 existing structures; one was removed to expand the parking area and the second was used for storage.


At the age of 16 Josef Buechler was hired on at Tony’s. He approached his uncles for a job and they offered him an apprenticeship. Joe fit the position well because he loved cars and was mechanically inclined. He soon found out that he was good at trouble shooting problem cars and would not give up until the car was repaired. After many training classes from Robert Bosch, a leader in fuel injection technology at the time, and multiple training classes from Mercedes Benz and BMW Joe excelled in the shop and advanced quickly to a shop foreman position where He helped implement and train other technicians on the latest diagnostic computers and software. Joe continued working in this position through 2007.


After 19 years in business Adam and Herta Buechler purchased the remaining shares from Tony Buechler and Frank Buechler and continued operations as sole owners through 2007.


Adam and Herta expressed their desire to retire. They offered to sell Tony’s Auto Repair and the properties at 9720 and 9716 Atlantic Ave to Josef Buechler. After working for them for 27 years and being responsible for many aspects of the day to day operations including customer retention programs, shop management software implementation, and the purchase and deployment of diagnostic equipment used in the shop, the decision to purchase was relatively easy and the transition to new ownership was as smooth as it could be. On Oct 1st 2007 Josef Buechler became the new owner of Tony’s Auto Repair and the 2 properties on Atlantic Ave.

2007 -2014

Repairs and Renovation started

The repairs and renovation that were required were more challenging during the day to day operation of the business. The vehicle lifts that were installed in 1964 were worn and dangerous after 43 years of service so four new Challenger in ground, environmentally friendly lifts were installed inside the building and one above ground lift was installed on the back patio to handle overflow. The air compressor that was over sized and worn out was replaced with a new Quincy high efficiency air compressor unit. Many other improvements were made including repainting the entire building inside and out, opening the new parts department in our second unused building, and the updating of the office and customer lounge with added amenities including an air conditioner and heating unit, internet access, coffee, and snacks for the waiting customers. We also implemented a new customer retention program through Demandforce that keeps us in touch with our customers, reminds them when services are needed, and thanks them for services we perform through emails and text messaging. We purchased and maintain state of the art computer based diagnostic equipment that is vehicle specific. With this equipment we can accurately diagnose and repair these advanced German vehicles at dealer levels. We also pay for our employees to attend many training classes offered by Autologic, our diagnostic software developers as well as various groups we are affiliated with including LMV Industries, Bosch Automotive Technologies, World Pac and IMC parts. These training classes and seminars give our technicians the tools they need to quickly diagnose and repair these very advanced motor vehicles.


We became an official Bosch Service Center. Bosch invited us into this program after a thorough inspection of the shop and review of shop policies and practices. They also read our customer reviews through Demandforce in this process. This program is very important to us because they provide advanced training classes on vehicle diagnostics in the areas of fuel injection, air conditioning service and repair, and advanced brake system technologies.